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Anatomy + Product Info Touchscreen

ANATOMY EXPLORER ANATOMY EXPLORER CARE FOR EVERY SYSTEM THE CLIENT Royal Canin Display Studios THE CHALLENGE Show how Royal Canin’s multitude of products can aid in healing any part of your pet’s body while keeping a clean, medical design. FIND OUT MORE OUR SOLUTIONS Look & Feel Design Interactive Animation Touchscreen Development Inventory Cataloguing CARE […]

Board Game Style Interactive Trivia App

BOARD GAME STYLE INTERACTIVE TRIVIA APP BOARD GAME STYLE INTERACTIVE TRIVIA APP THE CHALLENGE THE CLIENT Zomedica THE CHALLENGE Help Zomedica teach veterinarians about how re-engaging their approach in the veterinary field can help their practice. FIND OUT MORE OUR SOLUTIONS OUR SOLUTIONS Interactive Development Multi-Screen Development Game Programming Animation and Audio Gamification E-Detailers LIVE PROJECTION […]

Tradeshow Interactive App + Animation

PRODUCT ASSEMBLY INTERACTIVE PRODUCT ASSEMBLY INTERACTIVE THE RIGHT TOOL FOR THE JOB THE CLIENT Hantover Inc THE CHALLENGE Across interactive and animated formats, help launch Hantover’s new product, the TrimitHP. FIND OUT MORE OUR SOLUTIONS 3D Product Animation Scripting and Direction Touchscreen Application Development Look & Feel Design WORLD-WIDE SOLUTIONS THE CLIENT Hantover Inc THE […]

Tradeshow Interactive

TRADESHOW INTERACTIVE TRADESHOW INTERACTIVE WORLD-WIDE SOLUTIONS THE CLIENT Pentair Display Studios THE CHALLENGE Create a unique 3D touchscreen catalog that attracts visitors to the Pentair trade show booth. To allow sales reps quick access to product information and literature fulfillment tools, a mobile app was also developed from the touchscreen catalog. Literature can be sent […]

Interactive Scale Models

INTERACTIVE SCALE MODELS INTERACTIVE SCALE MODELS Small Scale, Big Impact We’re adding the reality back into virtual. Cutaway models, scale models, and dioramas have always been a great way to visualize concepts and products. If you have product that is too large and cost-prohibitive to exhibit or display, physical models are a great way to […]