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College Basketball Experience

PHOTO + GESTURE INTERACTIVE PHOTO + GESTURE INTERACTIVE GET IN THE GAME THE CLIENT The College Basketball Experience at Sprint Center Display Studios THE CHALLENGE Reimagine the existing traditional physical face-in-the-hole photo feature into an engaging and shareable digital photo experience. FIND OUT MORE OUR SOLUTIONS Look & Feel Design Animation Photo Booth Application Development […]

Interactive Engagement Table + Trade Show Exhibit

INTERACTIVE TRADE SHOW EXPERIENCE INTERACTIVE TRADE SHOW EXPERIENCE THE CHALLENGE ARATANA NAVC TRADESHOW EXHIBIT Create a memorable trade show experience that featured interactive engagement tables and apps to highlight and share Aratana’s animal therapeutic products. Animation and film, as well as photo activation were also used as complimentary assets to build up hype leading to […]

Green Screen Interactive Kiosk

GREEN SCREEN INTERACTIVE KIOSK​ GREEN SCREEN INTERACTIVE KIOSK​ FIT FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY THE CLIENT Time Warner Cable THE CHALLENGE With a kiosk centered in Union Station, Kansas City Missouri, show how Time Warner Cable’s services can fit into any room of the house any entertain any member of the family. FIND OUT MORE OUR […]

Anatomy + Product Info Touchscreen

ANATOMY EXPLORER ANATOMY EXPLORER CARE FOR EVERY SYSTEM THE CLIENT Royal Canin Display Studios THE CHALLENGE Show how Royal Canin’s multitude of products can aid in healing any part of your pet’s body while keeping a clean, medical design. FIND OUT MORE OUR SOLUTIONS Look & Feel Design Interactive Animation Touchscreen Development Inventory Cataloguing CARE […]

Veterinary Animation + App

PRODUCT ANIMATION PRODUCT ANIMATION BUG FREE THE CLIENT VPL Stephens & Associates THE CHALLENGE Illustrate the convenience of Ovitrol’s new flea and tick product over traditional application methods and how effective the product is despite the size of your canine companion. FIND OUT MORE OUR SOLUTIONS 3D Animation 3D Modeling Script Consultancy Motion Graphics Audio […]

Tradeshow Interactive App + Animation

PRODUCT ASSEMBLY INTERACTIVE PRODUCT ASSEMBLY INTERACTIVE THE RIGHT TOOL FOR THE JOB THE CLIENT Hantover Inc THE CHALLENGE Across interactive and animated formats, help launch Hantover’s new product, the TrimitHP. FIND OUT MORE OUR SOLUTIONS 3D Product Animation Scripting and Direction Touchscreen Application Development Look & Feel Design WORLD-WIDE SOLUTIONS THE CLIENT Hantover Inc THE […]

Tradeshow Interactive

TRADESHOW INTERACTIVE TRADESHOW INTERACTIVE WORLD-WIDE SOLUTIONS THE CLIENT Pentair Display Studios THE CHALLENGE Create a unique 3D touchscreen catalog that attracts visitors to the Pentair trade show booth. To allow sales reps quick access to product information and literature fulfillment tools, a mobile app was also developed from the touchscreen catalog. Literature can be sent […]

Animation, App, + Brand Art

ANIMATION, APP, + BRAND ART ANIMATION, APP, + BRAND ART FROM THE TOUCHSCREEN TO NO SCREEN THE CLIENT Hannah: The Pet Society Stephens & Associates THE CHALLENGE Craft a highly animated brand art exhibit and touchscreen app to be displayed in store fronts and at trade show exhibits. FIND OUT MORE OUR SOLUTIONS Interactive Animation […]

Fire Suppression Simulator

FIRE SUPPRESSION SIMULATOR FIRE SUPPRESSION SIMULATOR LIVE FIRE DEMONSTRATION THE CLIENT Fike THE CHALLENGE Showcase the wide range of product Fike offers for the detection and suppression of office and warehouse fires. The products were to be displayed in an environment where an active server-room fire was occurring. FIND OUT MORE OUR SOLUTIONS Look & […]

Hologram Display Primer

HOLOGRAM DISPLAY PRIMER HOLOGRAM DISPLAY SHOWREEL Highlight products in a whole new way that doesn’t just put your product on display, but surrounds it in amazing motion graphics and the information your customers need to know. Available in a number of sizes and styles, our hologram displays are the perfect fit for any retail environment […]